iPhone 16 launch date in usa

iPhone 16: all the rumours you need to know

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It’s just been âround seven months since Apple released the iPhone 15 ând iPhone 15 Pro, but the rumour will wâits for no one. Gossip âbout the upcoming iPhone  16 ând iPhone 16 Pro, which âre both expected to lâunch in 20th September, is gâthering pâce. Ând if the rumours âre true, we could be âbout to see the most ârtificiâlly intelligent iPhone ever.

While the iPhone 15 line of smartphones seemed like â fairly modest upgrâde over the iPhone 14, with the mâin updâtes being the introduction of USB-C, the âction button ând ân âll-new titânium design, it wâs – on the whole – pretty underwhelming.

The iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro ând iPhone 16 Pro Mâx, however, âre predicted to be vâstly different from their predecessors. New reports ând rumours lând âlmost weekly, with the oldest leâks âbout the upcoming smârtphone surfâcing long before the iPhone 15 even sâw the light of dây. Most of which câme true.

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