Try out the most popular Indian food in Edinburgh

Scotland has a love affair with hot and spicy Indian food that dates back to colonial times. Over the years a number of British dishes have become staples of most Indian restaurant menus but there are also places serving authentic regional Indian dishes for the food lovers out there. Some of the best Indian food in Edinburgh represents an innovative and clever blend of the finest local produce with Indian cooking techniques and real spices.    

There are sundry Indian restaurants in Edinburgh with talented chefs, establishments with great atmospheres, service standards, and dishes that bring your taste buds to life and linger in your memory long after your lively meal is done. Indian cuisine is a vast constellation of traditions and culinary influences from all over the Asian continent.

Traditional food is known to be made from flavour foundations. However, dishes widely vary between North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Each restaurant has its own specialties for the more adventurous out of you. Serving up a vibrant and colourful homage to Indian street food, Nilgiri Spice restaurant. Nilgiri Spice is considered to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Edinburgh, serving an exotic and exciting menu consisting of South Indian dishes.

South Indian food, particularly scrumptious dishes like Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uttapam, and Sambar has earned much fame in Scotland and across the globe. South Indian meals compose the cuisines of South Indian states Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, together with other local cuisines within these states. The region offers a broad variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with each state holding its own distinctiveness and food habits. 

Some real and popular South Indian dishes that are sure to delight taste buds include Kebabs and Biryanis from Andhra Pradesh, Chakra Pongal, Sambar, and Vadai from Tamil Nadu, Rava Idli from Karnataka, and Kadala Curry and Appam from Kerala. Nilgiri restaurant located in the Tollcross area in between the City centre and Haymarket, Edinburgh strives to serve flavoursome south Indian dishes made with the imported spices right away from the Nilgiri hills to the foodies in Edinburgh. 

With the recurrent implementation of seasonal ingredients and modern cooking skills, the restaurant has been a favourite food spot in Edinburgh. The exhilarating menu is extensive featuring many of the archetypal delicacies from each cuisine as well as a few more original offerings. Indian cuisine takes inspiration from the flourishing Indian culture. The authentic and wholesome menu of Nilgiri restaurant in Edinburgh has been created from a range of family recipes with a flavour touch of chef A.Kumar and other expert chefs from South India.   

A delectable combination of authentic Indian dishes and seasonal ingredients creates an enticing menu with plenty to suit all palates. Wide varieties of vegan dishes, drinks, non-vegetarian dishes combined with spice, hot, sweet, and sour flavours being served in the soothing ambiance of Nilgiri Spice restaurant depict the most popular Indian cuisine and let you spice up your taste in Edinburgh.    

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