The Different Types Of Custom Logo Designs That You Need To Be Aware Of!

Logos are undoubtedly the face of your brand, and therefore you must be very careful when designing your own. You have to realize that this will shape your brand’s outlook and, therefore, will represent not only the company but you as an entrepreneur. Your ideas and motto will be showcased through your brand logo design. You might think that making a digital custom logo design must be something so simple. However, the typography, the design itself, colors, and so much more are decided to design a final look.

It may all seem like squiggly lines or adding spheres or different types of fonts, but they are there after a lot of afterthoughts, and each and everything, even if it is a dot, has its own meaning and purpose. They are somehow or the other representing the brand. 81.6% of the 250 largest global companies have two or fewer colors in their logo.

Logo design is a work of art. It is something that your viewers will see everywhere, and you need to be able to catch your prospective client’s eye and garner interest in what you have to present to them. Your custom logo design should be something that can be used everywhere, whether it is merchandise, price tags, or even billboards. There are various types of logo designs that you can choose to buy the best logo design according to your needs and requirements.

You do not have to worry about how to create a custom logo as you can hire the best professional company to do the job for you. Your custom logo designer will make sure that they adhere to all your needs and requirements and therefore give you the best logo design to represent your brand.

Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark logo designers are just the name of your company presented on the logo. They are a clear representation. This works when you have an attractive name that will compel your audience. When you present your brand name with an appropriate font, it will create a nice impact and create a memorable brand identity. Through this, you can highlight the brand name. The font that you choose depends on the type of company you have, whether you want a formal outlook and an informal one.

Brand Mark Logo Design

Sometimes brands use graphics to represent their brand, and it showcases the brand through the image. For instance, Twitter uses a bird for their custom logo designing. Nike has the right sign, and apple has bitten the apple to represent its brand. Visual representation like these is rather essential to make sure that it remains in the viewer’s mind, as they will also spark the interest of whatever image you choose to portray your brand.

A brand mark logo is used when the company’s name is too long or if you would be willing to use the image or symbol to showcase some kind of message or emotion.

Moreover, you can also use them as a representation of your brand, and you won’t have to mention the name everywhere. The logo itself would be self-explanatory.

You can also use wordmarks to make your brand more distinctive and appealing to the audience.

Emblem Logos

These are the oldest types of logos but are still used in the market with the same zeal. You can create custom logo designs which include badges, crests, and seals. School organizations and government agencies use them. For official places like these, emblem logos are usually the first choice to represent themselves. This gives the logo a traditional look and can also have a modern twist.

 For instance, have a look at the Starbuck logo. It is not an academic institution, and neither is it a government agency, but it is still considered iconic. However, you should take great care while designing the emblem logo design should be scalable. You should be able to apply it to merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, or even pens. All of them should represent all the details. Moreover, it would help if you also took care to make sure that you are absolutely certain about your final design before you display it to the world.


Letter forms which are a shorter version of letter logos. When you are presenting your brand, it needs to be bold and bright as the whole focus will be on your letter form. When you want to highlight just one letter, you need a professional logo designer to make sure that you will get the best logo designed.

You can design your letterform in various ways. When you design a custom logo design, it will be imprinted on people’s minds. When you choose just one letter as the face of your company, it is vital to present it in the best way possible. Make sure that the letterforms are memorable and the font is comprehensible to its viewers.


These are types of logos that change accordingly with time and different trends that come and go. However, the overall look remains the same. Any tweaks that are made to the existing logo design express change, movement, and overall dynamics of the business and what they are moving toward in the future. Some of the things that are kept in mind while designing dynamic logo designs.

Slime logos

They are the new age logo designs. These have a somewhat cartoonish look to the whole thing, and that is why it does not have the standard typeface. It has a smile that inspires elements and therefore gives a free structure to logo design.

Let’s take a look at the nickelodeon logo. it is spread across your screens just like slime, which gives it a rather unique and distinctive brand identity. You can choose a cartoonish figure that will be relatable to kids.

Moreover, you can also use slime-inspired elements to make it look more attractive and interactive.

Ending Note

Logo design is more than just fonts and text. It is a visual representation of your brand. People should be able to identify your logo even when they see it in a crown or have a mental picture on their mind when they think about it. For instance, when you think about all the big brands in the market, you can mentally visualize them.

Companies like Pepsi and Coca-cola. McDonald’s, Nike, Amazon, and many more need to mention their name with their logo. They are universally accepted for their custom logo design, and people instantly recognize them. 

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Therefore your goal is to get a custom logo design, for which you will have to hire a professional custom logo design company. It is so that you have the best attribute added to your logo design. Now you can now search up your own query. Something like “create my own logo” or create a custom logo.

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