Ravishing Costume Jewelry at Reasonable Price!

Let us first know the history of Costume jewelry, this jewelry became a popular term back in the 1930’s, when Hollywood opted out of using fine jewelry and instead, ornamented their actresses in fabulous fakes. This costume jewelry was much less expensive than investing in fine jewelry that could get lost, stolen or broken. Designers made beautiful rhinestone necklaces, earrings, pins, and bracelets. Many of the costume jewelry pieces were made to look like real diamonds or gem stones. There was also a trend to make hard plastic jewelry, called “Bakelite”. Most Bakelite pieces were made into bracelets and necklaces.

They came in an assortment of different tones, and they added color to an outfit and were very affordable. Around the 1930’s, the Great Depression hit America. During this time expensive jewelry stores took a nose dive. Many of them went bankrupt because people were unable to afford to pay for expensive jewels or jewelry. Everyone reduced their spending. This hit the fashion and jewelry industry especially hard. Costume jewelry can also be termed as imitation jewelry at times, where it is compared as not less than fine jewelry. One should always buy costume jewelry from the manufacturer of imitation jewelry. These imitation jewelry manufacturers offer the best quality jewelry and also jewelry with affordable prices.

One of the most renowned Indian jewelry manufacturers is Vogue Crafts and Designs Pvt ltd. Their perception of designing Imitation Jewelry is to cater the needs of today’s dynamic woman, who wish to wear complimenting pieces with every dress they adorn! The purpose here is to facilitate them with the Real jewelry look-alike. They completely understand Women love for jewelry, and they have all the right to look beautiful and attractive which they are. The company is here to gratify their need for jewelry which looks like real jewelry at affordable prices and also acknowledge that they wish to try all kinds of jewelry, thus they are at their rescue with their Imitation Jewelry. The material used to craft their Imitation Jewelry is high quality American Diamonds and Kundan stones.

They have a vast range of products under this category, which includes rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants & necklaces. The range of designs is unsurpassed and same goes for the quality too. The company also undertakes the customization of the jewelry just for their client’s satisfaction. They offer you to design your own dream jewelry with their help. They believe in fulfilling their client’s demands. Being a client centric organization there major priority is to listen to their clients demands. Then they insinuate their designs and get your dream jewelry ready. Their main focus is to keep long-term and healthy relationship with the clients by providing them flawless assortment of their designed jewelry products. Owing to their ethical business policies, client centric approach, transparent dealings and easy payment modes, they have garnered vast client base all across the globe! This is the reason a lot of people recommend their jewelry to others.

Ravishing jewelry design and compelling quality is something that attracts everyone towards them in a jiffy. They are also leading brand in precious jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and high end fashion jewelry manufacturer and exporter in India. They have their own in-house designing team who craft everything with perfection. Every piece of jewelry at Vogue Crafts is unique in its own and one of a kind and expression of true artistry. They manufacture the best of designs in Indian jewelry, fashion and imitation jewelry. Also have a wide collection of designer rings, necklaces, trendy pendants, earrings, anklets and bracelets in the above categories. Their silver jewelry range is also made of unsurpassed quality 92.5 sterling silver. One can explore their vivid collection of fashion accessories like leather handbags, key rings, jute and beaded party clutches and much more as well, so login to know more at http://www.voguecrafts.com/.

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