Getting Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss in Calgary

Hair is a major part of the body and constitutes a major aspect of our appearance. This is why thinning hair is a major concern for people, both men, and women. At the same time, too much or unwanted hair in certain areas of the body can also be a cause for concern.

treatments have been introduced to attend to these issues. One of such is stem cell therapy. If you are in Calgary and you are experiencing thinning hair, you can use laser stem cell therapy for hair loss in Calgary. Alternatively, if you want to lose unwanted hair, you can take advantage of the lasers medical spa in CalgaryThis article discusses how laser spa and stem cell therapies help with hair issues.

 How stem cell therapy helps with hair loss

Hair loss can occur as a result of hereditary, age, or medical conditions and treatment. Medical researchers have proven that stem cell therapy is one of the best ways of handling hair thinning and loss. You can benefit from stem cell therapy for hair loss in Calgary if you want to treat hair loss.

Stem cell therapy is like hair transplant. However, the difference is that while hair transplant involves removing hair from a place of abundance to a place of loss, stem cell therapy harvests hair follicles from a sample site and replicates them through a medical process, and implants them into the area of loss. As a result, there will be hair growth in the sample site as well as the area of loss.

Stem cells are cells that do not perform specific functions in the body. These calls can either remain as stem cells or replicate other cells and tissues. The cells are extracted from places where hair is in abundance and are injected into the areas where the hair is thinning. Stem cell therapy can leave you with some pains which are expected to leave within a week.

There are several side effects to stem cell therapy. Incidence of bleeding can occur with stem cell therapy, just like with other medical procedures. There is also the possibility of infection in the site of cell extraction and the site of injection. There is also the possibility of scaring in both sites of operation. However, if the process is carried out by an expert the odds of any side effects is greatly minimized.

The stem cell therapy for hair loss in Calgary costs between $3,000 to$10,000. Hair growth in the area of loss after the procedure is impressive.

How lasers medical spa helps with hair removal

While some people battle with the loss of hair, some people battle with unwanted hair. While shaving, waxing, or tweezing helps to get rid of unwanted hair, the laser is a better option. You can harness the lasers medical spa in Calgary to get rid of unwanted hair. This therapy works effectively on any part of the body.

The laser hair removal method involves damaging the hair follicle to prevent the fast growth of hair. The laser emits light into the skin. The pigment absorbs the light which is converted into heat. The heat damages the hair follicle. This is an effective way of reducing new hair growth and ridding yourself of unwanted hair.

The lasers medical spa in Calgary is fast. You won’t spend up to 90 minutes to rid your legs and arms of hair through the laser method.

The lasers method of hair removal is best for people who are easily irritated from waxing and shaving. The method is also effective in getting rid of ingrown hairs. The treatment is like waxing, but not as painful. The recovery time after the treatment is quicker.


Laser therapy and stem cell therapy are effective for handling hair issues. When age sets in and the hair starts thinning or due to hereditary or medical conditions the hair starts falling off, people often become insecure and depressed. The stem cell therapy for hair loss in Calgary is a viable solution to hair loss. Alternatively, if you want to get rid of unwanted or excess hair in any part of your body. The lasers medical spa in Calgary is an effective way to handle the situation.

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