Experts Tips To Fix Hair Color Mishaps

Whether you choose to dye your hair red or with root melt hair color in Chatham, ON, it can be an empowering and transformative experience. Although it is recommended to take professionals’ help for coloring your hair, some people prefer to dye it at home.  

Stained skin from hair color, darker shade, uneven coloring, or brassy hair is some of the misfortunes that everyone suffers from, while dyeing their hair at home. Whether it is your first time experimenting with hair color or you are experienced, everyone goes through hair color mishaps.

We bring you expert’s tips to fix hair color in Chatham, ON.

• The Hair Color is Darker than You Wanted

It is a common problem that can be a little tricky to fix. A detox or clarifying shampoo will remove the product build-up or excess color from your hair while giving a deep cleanse. For maximum results, shampoo the too dark areas a few times. 

Washing your hair with a detox shampoo more frequently than usual will help the darker shade to fade quickly. However, increase your shampooing frequency only to a week and follow it with a moisturizing conditioner to prevent your hair from drying out.

• The Result is Brassy Hair

When you are dying your hair at home, you might not be able to predict how your hair responds to the colors. Don’t worry; we bring you the guide to fix hair color in Chatham, ON.

• Opt for toning glaze or color therapy

You can opt for toning glaze or color therapy to tone the brassiness. The color depositing hair mask will cancel the orange and yellow hair color by adding cool tones. 

• Before coloring your hair, consider its base color

If your natural hair color or previous hair treatment has a warm or greasy undertone, certain dye shades or brands may exaggerate the issue. We recommend scheduling an appointment with an expert to help you pick a hair color that will give you desired results.

• Restrict your hair exposure to chlorine

If you love spending time in the swimming pool, avoid your hair from getting wet or rinse them as soon as you come out of the pool. Swimming pool chemicals such as chlorine can bring out the brassy shade in your hair.

• The Color of Your Root is Different From the Rest of Your Hair  

At times the root of your hair doesn’t take well to the hair color, or you may not have dyed them properly, resulting in your root color not matching with the rest of your hair.  

You can try the color blending spray or concealer to cover the roots for a quick fix hair color in Chatham, ON. It will temporarily blend the root to the color of the rest of your hair. 

For a permanent fix, schedule an appointment with a hair color expert, who will efficiently match the color of your roots with the length of your hair. 

The Bottom Line

Above, we have shared the tips to fix your hair color mishaps. To enjoy the best hair color results without any accidents, schedule an appointment with a hair colorist. 

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