Era of User-friendly Content Management Software(CMS)

The era of digitalization: The Text Books of School and Pre-School are being digitalized and where Home works of students are being updated in apps in Smart Phones of parents instead of Diary. One should have knowledge of what are the softwares used in formatting all the content of the text book into web content. To know about content being digitalized and how these software’s emerged to be the most   user-friendly software and what they do and to understand CMS step-by-step includes answering the following questions:

  1. What is a Content and a Digital Content?

Answer: The meaning of a Content in context to the web CMS means a topic and related matter covered in a website which gives information about the Company/Industry/Institute who owns the website. The Content which is in e-Media is known as Digital Content.

In short, whatever is sighted by a reader in a Web Page is a Digital Content.

  1. Who is a Content Writer or Content Developer?

Answer:  A person developing the Digital Content for the given website is known as a Content Writer. The countless topics of the websites includes any Industry from IT, Educational, Construction, Software to Real estate etc.

  1. What is the purpose of a Content Management system?

Answer:  Developing content without duplicating the information is not easy. Every article, topic, subject needs to be written with an agenda of giving the complex information in a simple and easy terminology for the reader. In order to achieve this and build a strong content the Developer has to follow a set of rules and the rules for each industry differ in their own way making the situation more difficult for the developer.

The purpose of the Content Management system is to:

  • Manage the Content
  • Lay the structure for the content in a proper manner
  • Guide the developer step by step to achieve perfect end results for client requirement
  • Revise the content
  • Publish the content to spread the website widely.
  1. How is a Web Content Management Software different from a Content Management system?

Answer: A digitalized version of Content Management in the form of software and web applications are known to be web content management system software or web CMS or CMS.

A Content Management Software provides a simple path for huge topics. A complex topic is broken into multiple fragments(short paragraphs) called Modules and each Module has a stand-alone meaning.CMS has several in-built formats and templates specific for each Industry with a drop down Menu(Also a Drag and Drop Interface).

Advantages of CMS are an advancements to Content Management:

  • User-friendly
    • An in-depth knowledge on every Industry for the Writer is not a requirement
    • A numerous templates and options are available in just a click
    • Specifications of various Industries are designed based on the standards
    • Time effective henceforth Cost effective
    • Editing and Review made easy
    • Minimal errors to Zero Errors
    • The subject matter is made simple by Modularizing
    • Multiple users can Write, Revise and Modify simultaneously
    • Analytics become easy
    • Advanced versions of softwares use Dot Net and are upgraded from time to time
    • Website publishing is more convenient and accurate
    • The Digital Content is now a Liquid Content with publishing advantages such as

(i)  Sharing Via Social networks helps marketing and publishing in a wide range

(ii) Viral Sharing

(iii) Updating the revised content in less time

(iv) Storage made easy by archiving

(v) Saving on storage space

(vi) Available in SEO.

  1. Who are benefited by the Content Management Software?

Answer:  The following list are few of the Benefiters from an infinite list:

  • Technical Publications writing User Manuals for all types of

Machinery and Appliances(big and small)

  • Educational Institutions digitalizing text books
  • Software Providers
  • IT industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Mass Media like News Papers, Magazines
  • etc etc including you

(i)  You includes an MBA student trying to make a template of a Survey form

(ii) A teacher can prepare a report card of assignments for the student using the

various drag and drop options instantly

(iii) A building owner can create a Rental Slip in a click and re-use them

(iv) Payslips can be prepared easily and the list never ends.

No wonder if the most commonly used tools are replaced with these softwares due to their user-friendly nature and the availability of extensive permutations and combinations of formats and templates. Try a Demo to understand more about Digital Content, CMS and to know the benefits for a common man.

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