Complete guide on getting a Prometric Exam for your Qatar Prometric Licence

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP) is the only authority responsible for monitoring all healthcare practitioners​ working in both private and government healthcare divisions in Qatar.   

All the medical professionals who wish to work in Qatar have to get certified by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP). The QCHP qualification is one of the more in-demand and also one of the toughest. It, therefore, requires special preparation and effort to crack this examination. The physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists​, allied healthcare practitioners, lab technicians, radiology technicians, general practitioners, dental lab technicians, and many other medical specialists aspiring to work in Qatar can appear for the Qatar Prometric Examination. 

The completion of Data Flow verification is a necessary prerequisite for the Qatar Prometric examination. 

What is Data Flow?

When applying for licensure exams in countries in the Middle East, the DataFlow Group partners with multiple agencies, including institutions that would need to know whether you are being honest about your qualifications. Through Data Flow they will check if your educational background, employment certificates, work permits, practice licenses, and passports are verified and faithful documents. The Data Flow verification is necessary to prevent the entry of applicants with fraudulent documents. 

You need to prove yourself as a qualified professional who is eligible to take the exam and practice your profession in the country. Organizations that use DataFlow for their credential evaluation include the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, Ministry of Health – UAE, Dubai Health Authority, Oman Medical Specialty Board, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and National Health Regulatory Authority (Qatar). 

What is the test format?

The Qatar Prometric examination involves answering 100 multiple-choice questions. For Oman and Qatar Prometric, the Prometric exam duration is 2.5 hours. Qatar Prometric examination is comparatively tough and competitive and only the best succeeds. A candidate should gain a minimum of 70% to pass the examination. 

Examination fees and passport copies are mandatory for Qatar Prometric exam scheduling. Exam registration and data flow are the best ways to find out whether the registered nurse is capable of serving people of these countries efficiently. 

Prometric examinations should be faced with proper practice and groundwork. There is an abundance of study materials and exam preparation books are available from various publishers with the aim of helping the candidates pass the Prometric examination. The reviewer books are always the best with a broad range of study materials to help out each one in their exam preparation. Medical Exam Books is one of the eminent Prometric exam study materials (MCQs) publishers in UAE providing Qatar Prometric exam previous question papers for nurses, doctors, and many other professions. 

With a successful 21 years of experience in the industry, the Rapid Access Guide and all other exam preparation books from medical exam books update and refresh the candidate with the latest topics and latest changes and updations in the syllabus of the Prometric examination, ultimately help you pursue your dream.

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