Choosing men’s jewellery just got easier

Men’s jewellery is now everywhere in the market. There is barely any bias that exists on the fact that women should wear jewellery only. Men have worn jewellery in history, and will keep on doing so.

Tips to getting lockets for men

Lockets are a different style of pendants, but there is a difference. Gold locket designs for men can be used to hold belongings of personal interest and value. There are different types of lockets such as spinner, keepsake, photograph and perfume. Spinner gold lockets for men spin freely as they are not attached to the chain, keepsake lockets are for keeping things such as curls of elephant hair for example. Photograph lockets are useful to enclose photographs, perfume lockets are used to enclose fragrance. If the locket is heavy choose a gold chain as it is the strongest and this one of important tips for buying men jewellery.

Guide to choose engagement rings for men

An engagement ring carries a treasure trove of memories, so choose one with care. The classic ring design for male style features a diamond at the centre or it could be sapphire. Both these stones are the hardest on the Moths scale of hardness. Sapphires are comparatively inexpensive and they come in colours such as deep blue, pink and yellow. Diamonds have ten popular shapes, but round is the most popular. Choosing a non-round diamond rings for men is inexpensive because a majority of purchases are based on the round diamond shape. The square and cushion cut are popular non-round choices. So when it comes to engagement rings for men, there are a plethora of choices for that beautiful occasion and decision must be taken in a wise manner in this circumstance.

How to select diamond rings for men

For those who wear suits and business clothing, small earrings or the stud variety suit better. Gold earrings are for warmer skin texture and silver earrings are for lighter skin tones. Hoops are circular and penetrate the lobes of the ears with a wire. Barbells go from one side of the ear to the other. Novelty varieties are changeable and include an assortment of shapes as they can be worn existing earrings. Magnetic earrings are for those who don’t want to pierce their ears. They stay on the earlobe by way of a magnet.

Tips for buying men’s ornaments when it is gold

Gold jewellery has characteristics such as purity, quality and price. Carat weight indicates purity and pure gold is generally soft to use. Generally pure gold is alloyed with other metals to give it durability. Gold chain designs for men’s preferences combine metals to give it a rugged and tough finish.

18K, 22K and 24K are the carat categories, so the higher the carat, the higher is the purity. There are many colour options for gold jewellery such as white, yellow and rose; and then there are a myriad designs that incorporate dual tone  in tungsten carbide rings or other popular men rings or multiple tone variants as well.

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