How to Choose the Right E-Cigarette Battery

At this point, you’ve undoubtedly heard loathsomeness stories about e-cigarette batteries exploding on airplanes, on buses and even right in vapers’ mouths. While you can discover hundreds of startling headlines online, most coverage of these incidents neglects to differentiate between the different types of e-cig batteries. In case you’re searching for am e-cig battery that is safe, this guide will help you make an informed choice that won’t literally explode in your face.

What Causes an E-Cig Battery to Explode?

Like most electronics, e-cigs are normally powered by lithium-particle batteries. When you use your device, the battery activates the heating element, which transforms your e-juice into vapor. On the off chance that left in a pressurized environment, for example, the baggage compartment of a plane, lithium-particle batteries can combust; however, the greater part of the “exploding” batteries you’ve heard about in the news was not caused by commercial e-cigs; they were the result of breaking down “mods,” or customized devices that need proper safety features.

Types of E-Cig Batteries

Vapers have plenty of alternatives, however, most e-cigs can be broken into two noteworthy categories:

Cig-a-like Batteries

“Cig-a-likes” are e-cigs designed to resemble tobacco cigarettes. They tend to be little and tube-shaped, and numerous ex-smokers preferring-A-Likes them since they most closely emulate the experience of smoking. All White Cloud items fall into the category of cig-a-likes.

For all intents and purposes, all commercial cig-a-likes have worked in safety features that prevent the battery from overheating. When looking for your first e-cig, direct research on the brand before settling on a decision to make sure there have been no reports of battery issues. Inasmuch as you purchase from a reputable vendor and take after all package directions, you ought to be safe.

E-Cig Mod Batteries

Mod is short for adjustment. E-cig mods are customized devices worked to perfectly coordinate the individual vaper’s preferences. While mods give you greater control over your vaping experience, these devices, as a rule, do not have the safety features present in commercial cig-a-likes. Whenever you hear around an e-cig explosion or fire, a mod is quite often the guilty party.

Mod batteries are commonly large and box-shaped. A considerable measure of vapers enjoy creating their own e-cigs, yet you need a solid understanding of Overview of Vaping Devices material science to manufacture a device that is safe to use.

The most effective method to Prevent an E-cig Battery From Overheating

Here are some simple tips to keep your e-cig battery cool and safe:

  • Store unused batteries in plastic cases
  • Only use an appropriate charger
  • Read all safety guidelines that come with your device
  • Don’t abuse your device’s temperature settings

Purchasing E-Cigarettes Batteries Online from expert vendors is dependably a safer choice than experimenting with mods.

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