A general guide for HAAD examination and how to apply for Prometric exam in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) if a candidate wishes to practice within a profession, they need to obtain a professional license. The healthcare professionals who wish to flourish their career in Abu Dhabi must obtain their license through the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and therefore must appear for the HAAD examination.  

Doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, dietitians, and other professionals including alternative medical practitioners such as TCM and Unani medicine, physiotherapists, chiropractic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, and osteopathic medicine. Each category of professional can apply for the complete online Examination & Evaluation System (EES) in their own country, thus reducing costs and time. All fees can even be paid through an electronic medium. 

Some applicants of certain professions are required to take the HAAD exam as written examination. It contains 100 MCQs with a time limit of 2.5 hours ie. 150 minutes which gives you 90 seconds per each exam question. Marking relies on the professional’s country of origin. As an example, a student taking the exam from India must achieve 80% or more to pass the exam. You will need to wait 3 months to retake the examination once if you failed. 

The primary stage in registration for the HAAD examination is PQR Assessment. PQR stands for Professional Qualification Requirement. This assessment is to figure out whether your professional qualification is up to the standard required by the Health Authority. If you are qualified for the examination, first of all, you must apply for Data Flow. 

What is Data Flow?

Data Flow is a system contracted by HAAD to issue the e-licensing system. They will send you a username and password through the email registered in the initial application.

Then go through the Primary Source Verification (PSV). It is to confirm that an individual possesses a valid license, certification, or registration to practice a profession when required by regulation or law. It is the responsibility of the accredited organization to complete Primary Source Verification, not the licensed individual. 

After checking your credentials once you have successfully passed these stages you are ready to apply for the exam. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the HAAD registration site
  • Log in or register in HAAD website with a username and password
  • Click ‘E-licensing’ and select examination
  • Click exam scheduling
  • Select date and location accordingly
  • Enter your application number and click search
  • Click Book button
  • Pay exam fees through credit or debit cards and Print your exam ticket

Be ready to appear for the examination with proper preparation. A plethora of study materials is available on the market to help you out. The Rapid Access Guide from the pioneering publishers in UAE for Prometric exam study materials, Medical Exam Books is the must-buy book covering HAAD exam questions, a wide range of study materials covering all topics with the updated syllabus, and Multiple-choice questions with correct answers and explanations. Well, prepare and pass the exam on the first try itself. 

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