What Type of Mattress Material is the Best?

There are many mattress brands in the world. Considering that a mattress is a necessity, it is quite essential that you choose the right option. One of the most critical factors that go in the making of a mattress is the material used. Most of the times, the top mattress brands in India use the following materials to ensure that the quality level is maintained:

  1. Innerspring

    Ever since the 1900s, innerspring has been the most prominently used material in mattresses. They are made with steel coils which create compression when weight is put on it. Depending on the mattress, the number, shape, and size of the coils can vary. It is a said rule that the more the coils mean much higher support and better quality. However, one of the biggest cons of this type of mattress is that it does not last for a long time, and the bed even tends to wear out much faster than usual.
  2. Offset

    Most of the top mattress brands in India offer products made with this material. They avoid the squeakiness that comes with springs generally. Much like Bonnell coils, they are put in a way that they form an hourglass shape. However, the bottoms and tops are quite flattened. These edges create a hinge which adjusts according to the body shape. The biggest pros of using this material are that they are supportive, durable, and even sturdy.
  3. Marshall or Pocketed Coil

    These coils are mainly wrapped or encased in nature. The most prominent feature of this type is that they are not wired with each other. Most of the times, the coils work without each other. The entire result of this material is seen in a perfect balance of motion isolation and the support it provides. 
  • Continuous Coils

    Continuous coils make use of a single wire to form an entire support system for the bed. The technicality behind the formation of this material is that it  is made in an S shape instead of a traditional type of coil. Since the system is made from an interlinked and a single wire, it ensures more durability at a much more reasonable price.
  • Pocketed Coil

    Pocketed coils are just like Marshall coils. This material ensures higher quality and much better comfort because of the number of coils on it. When you are considering top mattress brands in India, surely ask your seller whether they are using marshall coils or pocketed coils. This will ensure a lot more sturdiness and durability.

Top mattress brands in India like Sleepycat put way too much thought into deciding what kind of material to use for the mattresses they produce. As a smart consumer, it is highly recommended that you find out about the material used so that you can make the right decision depending on your preferences.

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