Ways to Get Your Invention Prototype Built

Prototypes serve different needs, and costs vary tremendously depending on the prototype you choose to build. Another factor that influences cost is how you create the prototype. It is always recommended for an inventor to make a rough prototype of their own before going forward with the latter stages of development. 3D images and simple animated models are affordable for most inventors. Prototypes provide an excellent way to visualize a concept and conduct market research, while also helping the inventor discover features that can be patented. The idea of invention prototyping is, therefore, an essential step in the inventing process and until you have built a least a rough prototype, you will remain clueless about the merits of your invention. For professional help with prototyping, click here now.

There are a few ways by which you can get a prototype developed.

  1. Build it yourself

This is the most obvious and perhaps the most daunting method to build a prototype. Many inventors shy away from creating the simplest of prototypes due to apprehension that it may not meet the standards of quality and function that they have set for themselves. Many are afraid of overhead expenses during the prototyping stage. However, prototyping an invention yourself is the cheapest approach.

  1. Find tradespeople who can help you build the prototype

If the prototype involves bending metal or plastic, or engineering beyond your knowledge and capability, you can get help from independent shops that employ welders and pipefitters. Another place to scout for assistance is an auto-repair shop as they may have the right tools for the job.

Instead of paying by cash, you can offer incentives to shops that help you manufacture the prototype. This could be in the form of a small portion of sales or royalties that are generated once the product is successfully launched in the market. It is an added bonus if you have acquaintances in the industry who are involved in this type of work.

  1. Get help from the industrial-design community or professional prototype builders

Many professional agencies specialize in invention prototyping. They house a team of expert craftsmen who are capable of determining the most efficient approach to build a prototype for a concept. As long as you start with solid strategic objectives regarding the prototype you intend to get built, the design company can put one together relatively easily. Be mindful that the costs of creating such prototypes may be higher than DIY methods as more expensive and professional tools are used for the process. This type of approach is better suited for complex inventions that embody highly technical functionalities. Creating a prototype for such inventions require the use of professional-grade hardware and software.

If you can put together a prototype yourself, great! However, if you are unable to, there are professional services that can help you. To know more about design companies that specialize in prototyping, click here now.

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