Types of Apps Downloaded by Students

When it comes to apps, you stop thinking beyond business apps and gaming apps. Did you know apps can be very useful for students? Today, almost all students carry a smart phone. They like to use this hand gadget for calling, messaging, chatting and playing games generally. Do they know that they can utilize their gadgets for something more? Mobile apps development companies are offering various paid and unpaid programs for android and iPhone.

Let’s check the types of apps you can plan to install.

Graphing Calculator

Students studying maths can find such types of apps helpful as they are designed to get graphs in many expressions. These types of apps are simple but useful. Users just need to input equation and the app makes graph of it. Carefully choose a graphic calculator. It is best to go for free trial first.

Flashcard Apps

Sometimes many student face memorizing complex words and phrases. The problem becomes bigger when learning a new language. Download the best rated flashcard apps which allows you to create at least 50 flashcards.

MP3 Voice Recorder Apps

Your smart phone may have the feature of voice recording but it doesn’t allow you to export recordings to other file formats and share them. Installation of a voice recording app which records and saves recording in MP3 format will be useful. You can record lectures and voice file to listen and memorize during leisure time.

If you would like to personalize your mobile android apps, contact an expert mobile apps development company in Gurgaon.

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