Is your Teaching Up to Mark: Benchmarks You Can Learn in Pre Primary Training

It’s a funny time we live in, where kids are exposed to myriad sources of information percolating into their mind from everywhere. In their formative years, kids need special attention and care in everything they are taught, at home and in school. As we learned from our own schooling, a school is a child’s second home, and teachers – the second set of parents.

In a bid to explore what teaching to pre primary grades feel like, teachers often miss out the essence of basics of education. To fill that gap, here are few benchmark practices every school administration could focus in Pre Primary Teachers Training.

Passion for Childhood Teaching

Kids under the age of ten years pick things very quickly. They are like clay – moldable and malleable. This makes teaching them fairly easy. However, not every kid would be similar in their learning. You would need to have the patience to stick to every kid like a shadow. You can make pre primary teaching a lot more fun only if you love spending a large part of your day with kids.

Love for Art and Science

Most teachers fail where you think you are great. The regular teaching brings boredom and you can’t keep a preschool child interested if you are boring. Pre Primary Teachers Training objectifies the importance of creativity. Best teachers mix their skills with creativity and imagination to whip up a story that is both intriguing and relevant to education.

Experiments with water, soil, trees and animals (live and stuffed) play a great role in ensuring the teaching is focused and filled with creativity.

Child Psychology

Understanding the kid’s mind is a tough task. You have to understand the verbal and non-verbal signals like a pro. Learning the basics and advanced courses of child psychology in Pre Primary Teachers Training program could help build a loving relationship with a child of any age.

Also, teachers with good child psychology skills are best in managing kids’ tantrums and disturbing behavioral patterns like wetting their pants, biting others, or eating soil. These can be managed very well with teachers training lessons.

Peer Management

If you are looking to build a solid career in teaching, you have to associate yourself very closely with the peer teacher and school administration who could be very experienced in the teaching profession. Pre primary teachers should have a very amiable nature to improve their own teaching skills.

At the beginning and end of every schooling term, every parent would ask the school administration – How good is your curriculum?

The only acceptable answer to the parents would be – “Benchmark and Contemporary”. Training does that.

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