What are the skills expected from a business analyst?

Indian youth today is increasingly attracted by the prospect of owning a business. You can take all the new exciting startups which have started their journey in India as evidence for this fact. Another thing that you might notice in today’s world is a large number of businesses that do not make it. It is a well agreed upon saying that one must learn from the failures. This is where business analytics comes into play. The process of exploring and studying organizational and external data to find business insights is referred to as business analytics. As you may guess, the professionals who practice business analytics are business analysts, popularly known as BAs. Let us look at a few skills that are essential for a BA to have.

  1. Knowledge of analytics tools

Although performing data analysis is often the forte of big data analysts, business analysts to need the knowledge of analytics tools to a certain extent. They need to explore and study data for descriptive and predictive analysis. Advanced Excel skills is a requirement for business analysts as this can work as the foundation for the analytical work. Working knowledge with tools like Spark, Hadoop stack, and R, can add great value.

  1. Business domain knowledge

This is what primarily segregates a business analyst from a big data analyst. A business analyst needs to have a stable idea regarding his or her company and its position in the market. A company expects a business analyst to analyze the data, the consumer base as well as the market trends to produce actionable insights which can lead to better business decisions. This can only be achieved if the business analyst has a grasp on the domain his company works in as well as the market status. Best Business analyst training focuses on both the aspects of a BAs job.

  1. Data visualization skills

A business analyst has to pitch his findings in front of the management who can then make a decision depending on those insights. This works best if the representation of the data is done well. Visualization skills are the best weapon in the BAs arsenal in order to succeed. A great visualization ensures better reception from the executive body. Tableau skills can exceptionally increase a business analyst’s power to influence.

  1. Communicative skills

Unlike a data scientist who can oftentimes work in seclusion, a business analyst has to work with other people from different departments. As a business analytics professional, you need to tell stories to the stakeholders, because dry facts and information can hardly drive the decision. Coupled with the data visualization skills your communicative skills can really make you invincible.

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