Secrets To Feeling Empowered During Delivery

Delivery is often referred to as a rebirth for a woman. It is very much true in all senses. The lady undergoes tremendous change in both body and mind. It is the willpower of the woman that gives her the strength to push the baby out after a great struggle.

It is recommended by the doctors that the husband is made to stand in the delivery room along with the lady so that he can encourage her and comfort her. The following are very important points to be considered by a woman to feel her best during the delivery period.

  1. Discussing the medicines and epidural- it is always better to be informed about the procedure that will be followed by the physician after getting admitted for delivery. If the doctor confirms a c- section delivery then it is best to discuss about the epidural anesthesia that will be administered for the lady. It is necessary that the lady must stay hydrated and should eat healthy food as she will need it for the hard work.
  2. Staying mobile- it is not mandatory that the woman should lie down once an IV is started on her. If the woman feels comfortable in walking around that too will help in progressing the labor.  The lady can ask for a mobile monitoring unit or can walk around till her chords allow her to.
  3. Creating the environment- this is a good option as it helps in creating a very relaxed and stable environment for the woman. The doctors can be requested to play some soothing music or allow some scented candles to be lighted inside the delivery theatre.  When the partner is around it is even more helpful in making her relax and helps her progress labor without facing much pain.
  4. Staying warm- it is necessary that the lady must feel comfortable and warm during the whole pregnancy process. The husband/partner must know where the comforters are kept or where the instant heat pack is kept. It is necessary to make sure that the woman does not feel extremely hot or extremely cold as it will make it difficult or her to push the baby out.
  5. Arranging for a water tub- it is commonly known as hydrotherapy. The lady will be able to give birth inside a large tub of water. Most hospitals have this facility but it is always better to discuss the option with the gynecologist as they know the health condition of the woman.
  6. Motivating the lady- it is the duty of the husband to motivate and support the lady through the whole process as she struggles to bring the bundle of joy into the world. He can comfort her by holding hands, placing ice cubes, helping her in walking etc. the partner can also help by packing the needed things for the hospital during delivery.

So finally the partner also plays a vital role in making the woman feel empowered. The lady should not give up at any point in time too!

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