How to price your paintings suitably?

Art is something that cannot be measured in terms of monetary benefits. The true crux of an artwork lies in the connection it makes to the observers. So, what an artwork should cost is a debatable topic.

Being an artist, you can become a bit biased when you are setting up the prices of your blood & sweat (figuratively). You may think that your particular piece of painting deserves something big and in the end, the artwork is left unsold. This is one of the few instances where the incompetency to regulate the prices of paintings hits the artists adversely.

Not many artists consider to brainstorm on the pricing process of their paintings and hence only a bunch of artisans are able to attain fame and applauds. The key is to read the market and the audience.

It doesn’t matter if the art lovers want to buy original art online or they want to purchase through a gallery, you should be suitably prepared so as to increase the probability of making sales.

The most common mistakes

I know a lot of artists just don’t care about the implications and hence they think their most of the work is done once they finish crafting an exquisite piece. But, the fact is that you need as much enthusiasm and expertise in selling your artwork as you invested in making it.

The first step in selling your painting is fixing the prices accordingly. It is not easy at all. Most of the artists think that fixating only on the specific art form their paintings belong to will aid them in marketing their hard work. This isn’t true at all.

If you want to price your artwork appropriately, you require a holistic knowledge of art segments that belong or not to your paintings style. Otherwise, your artwork will only make perfect sense to a closed group of few people but to a major chunk of art lovers, it will be offbeat. Get to know what other artists are crafting and how are they promoting and pricing their work.

Another common blunder made by artists while pricing a painting is attaching their emotions. As an artist, I know that sometimes you put too much hard work in some particular pieces and that builds a profound emotional connection with the painting. This makes you believe that the specific art piece is worth more.

On the contrary, what may seem impeccable and amazing to you, may fail to connect with others. When you price your artwork too much and the pricing doesn’t connect with your other work’s prices, the gallery owners and art collectors would not entertain you. Chances are that your painting will be left unsold.

It is important that you are able to justify the pricing of your artwork with ease. The best remedy will be to keep such art pieces for your personal collection. Since you are emotionally connected to the artwork it would be best to not put it up for sale.

What are the factors you think that draw people to buy original art online? Is it the convenience or affordable prices? Ofcourse, it is the prices because, in most of the brick & mortar galleries, only people with big pockets mostly end up purchasing. So, as an artist, always keep a check on where you are going to promote your work, online or offline.

Another common gaffe made by artists is when they completely oversee the role of elements such as experience, prominence, accolades, demands, etc while setting up the price of their paintings.

Take an example. You create a superb painting that you think is comparable to the best work of M.F.Husain. Do you think that you can price the painting for million dollars since you think that the work is equal in terms of quality and innovation? You cannot.

The reason is that Husain is known as “Picasso” of India and holds a list of awards and recognition in the art industry that makes his paintings seem worthy of million dollars in value. On the other hand, you may be a beginner or not so famous artist. So, keep these factors duly noted when you are setting up a realistic price for your artwork.

Another big mistake made by artists is considering their work as unique. One fact about art is that every painting is unique. So, never ever emphasize on uniqueness particularly to decide the price of your artwork.

Conduct a research and identify what catches the attention of art aficionados most. Is it the abstract art, the contemporary style, the religious themes or is it the landscapes. When you find out this, note that compelling aspects that make people pay for such pieces.

As an artist, you should be able to convince the client with your pricing standards. You should be able to highlight the value-providing attributes of your artwork. If you are new or your audience is a toddler in the art world, then persuading your potential customers becomes more necessary. The more assured your audience is, higher becomes the chance of accepting the pricing.

You may be quite clear in your perception about the artwork. But think about the person who is looking to buy original art online or offline. Your point-of-view should be presented in a smooth manner in front of your audience too.

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