Preventive steps to be taken during the first eight weeks of pregnancy

Women have the unique power of giving birth to a little one. During the stages of pregnancy, you would need to take care of yourself as there is another life in your body. When you pay a visit to the obstetrics & gynecology clinics Mumbai, they will suggest you take some steps for the safe upkeep of you along with the baby.

Do not stand for an extended amount of time

With the baby inside your body, the pelvic pressure increases and this has an impact on your stomach due to the pressure. A woman tends to experience pain in the lower back of the body, and for this reason, she should not stand for a long time.


During this stage, a pregnant woman experiences aches and pains, which can be relieved by routine exercises or a dose of yoga.

Proper diet

A good diet is the need of the hour. Junk or oily food should be avoided during this time, and at the same time, food causing constipation needs to be avoided as well. The diet should include fibrous food like fish or green leafy vegetables. In other words, it should be a balanced diet and intake of drugs or alcohol should be avoided at this point.


A pregnant lady should take care of her posture when she is standing, sitting or the matter sleeping. You can seek the advice of the best female gynecologist in Mumbai as an improper posture can pave the way to complications at the time of delivery; whereas it can go on to disturb the position of the baby as well.

Sound sleep

The pregnant lady should have proper rest at this point of time. Ideally, she should get 8 hours of sleep during the day and at noon a power nap of 45 minutes would be great.


Some ladies go on to wear tight clothes to look slim, but a woman should do the opposite and continue to wear thin clothes. Tight clothes can restrict the movement of the baby, which can cause a problem at a later stage

Proper care

Guardians are asked to take good care of the pregnant lady during the stages of pregnancy. In fact, they should go on to provide moral support to the woman, and when she needs rest she should get it, and when she is hungry, then food should be given to her without any form of delay.

Stress along with tension

Stress along with tensions is a strict no-no at this point of time as it can have an impact on the baby along with the mother. A happy and peaceful environment should be provided to her, and she should not indulge in any form of worries or tension. For the matter of fact, she is not supposed to be angry as well.

Being hydrated

She should have sufficient intake of water along with juices as prescribed

In addition to this, a routine visit to the dentist should also be the norm. Choose one which is near to your house as you do not have to travel a lot. Ideally, your gynecologist should also be near your place so that during the time of labor pain, a lot of time is not spent on the road.

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