Photography: What do You Know about It?

If you have interest in photography then you are at the right place. Yes, before you try your luck at this art you should acquaint yourself with the different genres that are there in the field of photography. In this present age of the smart phone, where you are constantly shooting and sharing pictures on the go; everybody is exposed to photography and visual imagery in a form or another.

Today, photography has become a source of conveying a message or telling a story. You might be taking up pictures every day, but how many of you actually know the different styles of photography that has been motivating and inspiring photographers? Well, once you understand the diverse styles or genres of photography, it would be a key for developing your knowledge in the zone and also for getting an insight as to where your photography fits.  Before you take up a class in the Best school of photography in India, it might be helpful for you to have a look at some types of photography below:

Candid photography:

It is a very popular genre in photography. Moments that are captured in a spontaneous manner as they happen can be known as candid photography. The subjects are generally not aware of the photographer, so these look really relaxed. Wedding photography can be taken as an example of this style of photography.  Note: you must use a long zoom while you take candid moments. It would help the subjects to be more relaxed and absolutely natural. It would happen because they will be ignorant of you photographing them.

Aerial Photography

The pictures that get captured from above are known as aerial photography. French photographer and balloonist, Gaspar Felix, took the foremost aerial photograph in the year 1858. He experimented for three long years before he could generate the photograph.   Certainly in your life too, you might have taken those pictures as soon as your plane took off right?

Architectural photography

Taking an interesting shape, form or colour of the structure can be appealing in a virtual manner. Therefore visuals of buildings that are stimulating fall under this genre. You can include interiors or exteriors of buildings and even a stimulating element of the design. The two main challenging aspects for shutterbugs while shooting buildings are:  image distortion and lighting. Of course the photographer would have only natural light while capturing the frontage of the building and you have to make the finest use of it to get the glamorous aspect. Once there are vertical and horizontal lines in the building your images look distorted. Only in the company of the correct equipment blended with right angles you can evade the hitch.

Fashion Photography

Mostly to sell something, this type of photography baits customers by idealizing the product. They are usually very creative and visually immensely interesting and can be taken in any place like a studio, a flat, an apartment, a rundown building or outdoors too.


So, these were a few of the many genres of photography and you can take up the  best photography courses in India and make sure that you become a good, successful and refined shutterbug.

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