New Ebook for Instagram Marketers Released

Schedugram has just released a new whitepaper, Instagram for Business:The Definitive Guide for 2018. This free PDF is already resonating with social media marketers eager to stay abreast of the best ways to use Instagram, and those looking to capitalize on changes coming to the platform in the upcoming year.

As a courtesy to readers, we’re previewing an excerpt of a section on how to best use videos and Instagram Live, a newer feature on the platform.

Video & Instagram Live

“Instagram first released this feature in 2013 and has been improving it ever since. Today, you can post videos between 3 and 60 seconds long.

To post a video, record a video through the Instagram app or upload it from your phone’s library. The process works the same way as posting a photo–select your filter, add a caption with relevant hash tags, geotag it, and you’re good to go.

Videos don’t have to just show you or your brand. They can be designed to help your followers with something that really matters to them. This feeds into the larger purpose of building a social media connection. Effective Instagram video also meets two characteristics.

Matches your brand aesthetic. For it to really work, your video needs to visually and contextually fit in with your profile activity and aesthetic.

Provides value for your followers. Your video needs to serve your followers and show them something more about you, your brand, or your product.

Live video is also taking over. However, Instagram Live works much differently the other platforms, making it an interesting tool for smart marketers.

Instagram Live video disappears after you’ve finished broadcasting, unless you share it to your Instagram Story. This makes Live a handy temporary tool for secret promotions or exclusive specials.

You can definitely use this unique feature to your benefit. Use Live to raise hype around a new product launch, and give live viewers a specific code for a new product. Exclusivity and scarcity are effective marketing and sales tactics that are often used, and disappearing video helps you create a truly unrepeatable experience. “

Available for Free

This PDF is available for free, and contains about 50 pages of valuable marketing material. Interested marketers should download the Instagram Marketing PDF this week.

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