Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Updates

Recently a number of changes have been introduced in-demand occupations list for to Manitoba Provincial Nominee program and a new pathway towards Canada’s Express Entry pool have been created. In the new restructuring program, three of existing immigration streams has been modified and one has been created.

The streams are

  1. MPNP-B business immigration stream
  2. Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
  3. Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
  4. International Education Stream (New stream introduced)

New changes introduced:

  1. For Skilled Worker Overseas stream, it has now divided into two pathways namely the Human Capital Pathway and the Manitoba Express Entry Pathway. New occupation list has been introduced under these pathways for submitting Expressions of Interest (EOI).
  2. From January 2018, the new Express Entry Pathway will allow Manitoba to select qualified candidates and give nominations to them. The get nominations the candidates will have to meet the criteria for Canada’s Express Entry system and also need to have an active Express Entry profile.
  3. Candidates with six month experience in any of the in-demand occupation list and have any close friend or relative in Manitoba or have ITA issues by MPNP will be given priority. They
  4. The Human Capital Pathway will allow candidates with higher potentiality to establish themselves in their occupation. This will be decided if the candidate have Family connections or work experience or previous post-secondary in Manitoba in the last five years.
  5. The MPNP-B stream has restructured into Business Investor Stream (BIS) which will have two pathways called the Entrepreneur Pathway and the Farm Investor Pathway. These changes will be in effect from first quarter of 2018.
  • Candidates that will start business in Manitoba within first 12 months of arrival will be given priority.
  • Candidates who will start business outside Winnipeg will be also given priority.
  • The Entrepreneur Pathway will give the candidates a temporary work permit and will also provide a good-faith deposit of $100,000 if they start a new business or sign a business performance agreement to buy an existing business in the provincial area.

The Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream has been announced to subdivide into two pathways namely Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway and the Manitoba Work Experience Pathway.

  1. Applicants currently working in Manitoba with temporary work permit who are not eligible under In-demand Occupations list will be treated under the Manitoba Work Experience Pathway.
  2. International candidates with job offers from pre-approved Manitoba employers will be treated under the Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway.

International Education Stream is the new one which is designed to offer “faster pathways to provincial nomination” to international students who will graduate from Manitoba with skills that meet the needs of the provincial employers.

  1. Under this scheme, new graduates with long-term job offer in any in-demand occupations will not have to work for six months before applying for the MPNP.
  2. This pathway targets graduates from science, engineering, technology and mathematics programs who have completed internships in “that support industry innovation” in their fields of study.

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