Why investing in a pre rented property is good

When one talks about pre rented properties, they are actually chartered to a particular company and then they are sold to a particular client. This kind of selling also includes the rent of the property. Here, the purchase of the pre rented properties gets assured so that the buyer can get proper returns from it the moment they invest in it.

There are many pre rented commercial properties for sale in Ghaziabad which one can look on. Now, when it comes to pre rented properties they are mainly of 2 kinds.  The first type is the one where the lease hold is mainly given by the government organisations. These kinds of properties are leased to the buyers and it is mostly leased for a longer period of time like that of 99 years. But this lease can also be extended further after 99 years. One can also buy the rights of the property to use it. So, the thing is when one is buying the property without really owning it then they have limited rights on what to do with the property. The other type is the free hold property. By doing that, one can become the only owner of the property and also the owner of the land where the property is situated. Here the owner has more right and responsibility and in India, most of the transactions regarding pre rented commercial properties happen on a free hold basis.

A pre leased property asset or property always persuades the client with a zero waiting period for the ROI to start. The pre leased investment offers some capital gratitude over a span of time. This also provides the client with immovable rental revenue and some good turnout. So with this advantage an individual or a corporate investor always prefer buying commercial pre leased properties rather than some unrented assets.

The rental revenue is much higher in a pre leased property as compared to that any other residential estate properties. If an enterprise is looking for a property in the market they can also avail a good amount of loan of the entire price. Also it is guaranteed that there will be some assured return benefits.

If one buys a pre rented property then it is considered to be a very safe investment. As the property rented for a specific time period the returns are always guaranteed to the buyer. The yield for a pre rented residential property ranges between 3 to 5 percent. Besides, there is little chance of a tenant vacating the property before the expiry of the mentioned duration.

There are a number of aspects which play an important role in implementing the charisma of a pre rented estate. Location is one of the major aspects among them. If the property is located in the prime location then it can be very convenient for everyone. Also the rental revenues that come from those properties are much higher.

There are many pre rented property in Ghaziabad on which one can invest.

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