With the need of the market forces that are shaping the future with innovative technologies such as AI and machine learning, the need for qualified big data professionals has risen through the rooftop. Be that as it may, if an abrupt question was to be out to mention the exact key responsibility areas of a data scientist, few would be able to answer. with a magnanimity of alternatives available for the purposes of information gathering, the word needs to be put outon which are the highest paying designations in the field. This, so the individuals are able to make up their mind for a career in big data sciences.

For the same purpose, Glassdoor commenced on a study to accumulate market data and find the median pay of the most promising positions. For instance, the topmost skills that could be inarguably looked out for in qualified individuals are Python, R & SQL. The employer review website used its cluster algorithm to purposefully group job descriptions into categories that paid the most.

Big Data Specialist – The highest paying career in big data. Its only after having earned a considerable amount of experience in the field, that people are appointed at this level. People who exhibit job worthy calibre are found to be specialists in operating on Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Java as well as computer languages like Python & R. Once employed, applicants can expect to be paid anywhere in the vicinity of $121,246. As per research, 14% of the total job positions in the market are presently ascribed to this role. Due to the major employer being the first to be in touch with the trends, Experian, Amazon & Zillow are some of the employers that often look to onboard such professionals.

Core Data Scientist –Candidates need to be adept in the knowledge of querying languages like SQL in addition to Python or R. Industry giants like Google, Microsoft & Aetna are on a constant war to land the best professionals for this role. On an average, people could expect a salary of est. $116, 203.Given the numbers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that 71% of the market vacancies revolve around the spectrum of this role.

Researcher – The skill-sets of these employees varied from company to company. However, appreciable knowledge in SAS, Matlab, Java, Hadoop, Python/Ris a must. For those looking for a career in big data, it is a very tentative position as when it comes to paying, it offers a lucrative amount of $112,346, on an average.

The supply and demand curve in the market keeps on fluctuating. For this reason, people need to find a way to keep their skills abreast of the latest happenings. It is with this information, that one should put sincere efforts to know more about data analytics certifications. One thing is for sure, big data is the new king for top-notch high paying jobs.

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