How to prepare DHA exam and what is the procedures

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA), a government organization administering the complete health system in Dubai, UAE. The DHA aims to furnish and maintain an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system within the Emirate. The DHA Examination is a Licensing Examination in Dubai intentionally given to all medical professionals, both local and foreign medical professionals who longing to obtain a professional license and to practice under the Emirate of Dubai. After passing the DHA examination the aspirants can practice in each emirate without appearing for any additional tests or exams.  

Applying for the DHA examination can take 6 months or more or even completely fail if done incorrectly. The DHA Exam Application procedure was categorized under three steps:

Pre-Eligibility and Dataflow Application

Exam Scheduling

Credentialing Application

There are different Licensing Authorities that require different sets of requirements, regulations, and fees. One international candidate may qualify to one state while another applicant may not depend on their work experience, level of education, and so much more. Because of this complex system, candidates are advised to seek assistance from a trained application preparation centre to avoid delays and financial losses that may cause rejections of applications. 

Health Care Professionals are required to pass DHA evaluation to gain their expert permit and to rehearse their profession in the Emirate of Dubai. The evaluation will be led either by an oral or online test called the Prometric examination. The Dubai Health Authority administration empowers human services specialists to apply for DHA permits so as to work in Dubai Healthcare Facilities and to bring forth their best service to serve the authority. 

A dedicated and whole-minded approach to preparation is necessary to face the DHA exam or any Prometric examination. You can rely on the Prometric exam preparation books to perform the preparations prior to the examination. You can rely on a well-designed reviewer book with a wide range of study materials covering all topics with the updated syllabus, multiple-choice questions with correct answers and explanations, carefully prepared, thoughtfully compiled, and exam-oriented to help you succeed in fulfilling your aspirations.

Medical exam books are the top publishers in UAE for Prometric preparation study Materials (MCQs), having 20 spanning years of successful experience in this industry provides Rapid Access Guide and Exam Preparation books for helping every individual to pass the Prometric / Pearson Vue test. The expert research team is consistently examining the examinations and updates books every year adding new question answers with explanations according to the pattern/topic changes for the sake of helping the individual to pass the Prometric / Pearson Vue test. 

The multiple-choice questions with proper answers and explanations are really helpful in the exam preparation time. The Rapid Access guide is a must-buy book for all medical professionals including doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, radiographers, medical lab technicians, paramedical staff, or allied healthcare to qualify for the DHA examination, get professional licensure and build up their career in the medical field of Emirate of Dubai. 

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