How to Hire a Remodeling Contractor

The process of selecting a remodeling contractor should be carefully planned and executed. Rearranging your home, whether you plan to stay for years or need a quick remodeling job for a quick sale, you need a qualified house remodeling contractor for the job; it makes the difference between confidence and sleepless nights.

Hiring a contractor is the same as hiring a new employee; you don’t hire the first candidate to apply; you have to narrow the list down to the best options. Examine their portfolios, conduct interviews, check licensing and create a list of competitive bids before making a final decision. You need someone easy to relate with, so when conducting interviews, ask yourself if you wouldn’t mind having this person in your home every day for the duration of the remodeling process. If you can’t get along, it’s a sign not to hire.

Here are the top tips for hiring a remodeling contractor;

Ask for Referrals/Recommendations

The best way to find a qualified professional is by getting recommendations from family and friends, ask for professionals who they had a good experience with, how the contractor tackled problems and if they would use the contractor again. After asking around, check the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for a list of professionals in your area. Create a list of local contractors based on their expertise; with time, narrow down the list to the top contenders and ultimately choose a contractor that meets your requirements. Perform a search for a house remodeling contractor in Encino, Los Angeles, for options.

Check Credentials

After getting recommendations, do your research either through a phone call or by visiting the contractor’s website. Ensure the contractor has all the required licenses from the state and local municipalities. Check for contractors who have invested in coursework and gone through tests to earn their certifications. However, be careful because not all certifications are created equal. Do some research and find out the necessary requirements.

The specific certifications the contractor should have depends on the project; also, ensure that anyone contractor on your list has liability insurance in case they damage your house. Ensure their insurance policies are up to date.

Compare Portfolio

Make sure you choose a contractor specializing in the remodeling you want done. A contractor with a creative eye can be helpful in some projects. Ask the contractors on your list for a portfolio of their previous projects from at least the past year. A good portfolio should contain 8-10 projects, photos of each space they worked on before and after the remodeling project. Avoid portfolios with little remodeling projects, no pictures, or difficult-to-see images.

Perform Interviews

Make a quick call to the contractors on your list and ask questions such as;

  • Do they take projects of your size?
  • Can they provide a list of old customers?
  • Can they provide financial references from banks or suppliers?
  • How long have they worked with subcontractors?
  • The number of projects they have ongoing at the same time?

The answers to the questions will show you the company’s availability and reliability and how smoothly your project would progress.

Check References

After crossing off some names on your list, it is time to cross-check references. Reputable contractors will expect you to ask for a list of references; a typical reference list contains a list of ten or so names with addresses and telephone numbers for each client. Call former clients and ask how their project went if they were on time and stayed within budget, if they could have done anything differently and if you can see the finished product.

Get Bids for the Job and Set a Payment Plan

By now, your list should be looking shorter; the next step is to price the job with the contractors left on your list. After the consultation, each contractor will present you with a proposal and estimated cost of the project. After seeing each bid, select the one that suits you best, but remember that it’s not always best to go for the lowest price.

Make sure you set a payment plan. For large projects, payment is usually broken into five parts. 10% is paid at the contract signing, three payments of 25% each are made over the course of the project, and 15% that’s paid when the project is complete, and you’re satisfied. Ensure the agreement is in writing and legally binding.

If you believe that your home requires a renovation, not remodeling, be sure to contact the best home renovation services in Encino, Los Angeles, for professional options.

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