How different types of bed mattresses can directly impact the quality of your sleep?

You weren’t able to sleep properly last night and assuming it must be because of your bed mattress. Perhaps, there are chances that your mattress is more than 7 years old or it must be sagging a bit in the center. If yes, then it is high time that you should consider changing your old mattress with a new one now to get sound sleep throughout the night time. Are you thinking which type of mattress offers firm support and comfort?

Through this post, we have tried to compile a list of different types of mattresses that you can find in the market to help you buy the right match for your bed frame.

Memory Foam

If you are looking for firm support and improved comfort level, especially as a side sleeper, memory foam is the perfect choice to go with. Memory foam is considered to one of the most sought after bed mattress in the market simply because of the fact that it eventually adapts to your body contour while you are deep sleeping. If you are someone who tends to sleep on your side, this type of mattress offers a great shoulder and hip support. The memory foam silhouettes to your body and enables you to feel partly hemmed in while being braced effectively.

Other advantages of buying memory foam mattresses are that they basically comprised of numerous layers of foam that repel the propensity to drop in the middle and reduce the need to toss the mattress regularly.

Water Bed

Water bed mattresses basically make use of the water to offer the desired support system and are considered to be the right type of mattress for those who sleep on their back. A waterbed is mainly made up of of a four-sidedcompartment of water that is filled out with padding material, like foam or fibers. The water in this type of bed mattress can be either free-flow or a narrow-flow “wave less” compartment.  You can simply choose any of these categories of water bed mattress depending on the amount of support and springiness you fancy.

Air bed

Comparable to waterbeds, an air bed mattress makes use of a compartment packed with air to give firm support. The air compartment is filled with foam or fibermaterial. The air compartment is prettyflexible, thus allowing you to regulate the firmness of the mattress when required.


Innerspring (also known as coil-based mattresses) mattresses have got set of metal springs that offer desired support and firmness to the sleeper. It is quite easy for you to determine the overall quality of support provision by knowing the number of coils that are used to create the innerspring mattress. Technically speaking, it is the number and right dissemination of coils that indicates how well the mattress offers support and comfort level to the sleeper. Those who tend to sleep on their back, side, and tummy will find innerspring mattress the most comfortable type of mattress for their new bed frame.

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