How to Get Australian PR via Skilled Migration visa?

Skilled workers from around the world consider Australia as one of the best place to migrate into. What’s the reason for that? Well there are many, but the main reason is Australia’s labor market demand that requires thousands of skilled labor every year. To meet the demand, government has opened various Skilled Visa for Australia and welcome many skilled workers from around the world every year. Skilled visa is also opens the door to be permanent citizen in this country after serving for certain years. The basis of granting skilled visa or permanent resident is purely based on qualification, experience, language ability and other immigration requirements. There are certain professions that are in high demand in Australia and experienced professionals from those sectors get skilled immigration permit easily.

5 Popular Career Choices for Skilled Migration:

1.    IT

IT or information technology is the highest in-demand filed that employs a big part of total immigrants every year. Surprisingly the demand is rising with every passing year and by now Australian IT sector has millions of immigrant contributing in it.

2.    Engineering

Next sector to mention is engineering sector that also employs huge amount of immigrants every year. There are specific fields of engineering technology that has high demands for skilled labor and every year Australia welcome thousands of experienced profession through skilled visa immigration programs.

3.    Accounting

Accountants are also preferred by Australia immigration program and every year the country issues visa permit to a significant number of accountants.

4.    Nursing

Health sector in Australia seeks a high demand for skilled nurses and thus, immigration program of Australia welcomes nurses from worldwide and grants skilled visa, employment and Australia PR Visa as well.

5.    Social Work

Australia is known for its social community initiatives and thus require almost 2000 social workers every year to meet labor demand. However, the demand never meet the supply which makes it even easier for social workers to get migrate into Australia. It only requires4-year undergraduate study, 2-years Masters in Social work along with good English language ability score.

5 Visa Subclasses in Skilled Migration:

1.    Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189): PR visa for candidates not sponsored by family, spouse, employer or territory nomination program.
2.    Skilled Nomination Visa (Subclass 190): Anyone nominated by state or territory government agency can apply under this category to stay and work in Australia as PR.
3.    Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485): Any graduate who studied in Australia for minimum 2 years can apply under this category to live & work in there for another 4 years.
4.    Skilled-Nomination or Sponsored Provisional (Subclass 489): Allows skilled workers and their families, spouse to live and work in Australia.
5.    Skilled Regional (Subclass 887): Skilled labors who lived for 2 years and worked for 1 year in Australia can apply under this category.

Things you need to know before starting application process:

Its Point-based system: the immigration process of Australia is purely point based and your success chances depends on how many points you have scored according to that system. Points are granted on the basis of qualification, work experience, English language ability and other immigration requirements.

Occupation must listed in Skilled Occupation List: to apply for skilled immigration visa, you must choose an occupation listed in Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Candidates from such occupation are given high priority for granting immigration and permanent residency visa.

Occupation must be in demand for certain States: every states have their specific needs for skilled labor. So, you must be careful in choosing one while nominating an occupation from the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL).

What Immigration Consultants do?

Well, immigration consultants are those experts who can guide you best with the Australia Visa immigration application process. They are the best one to help you with documentation, selecting correct category, submitting application and further process. Getting connected to an expert immigration consultant assure higher chances for your application success.

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