How Ganesha art quenches art aficionado’s thirst?

For all the people who love artworks understand how tough it becomes to find something that can satiate yourself.

The art you seek is not the art but the set of emotions or opinions or messages you are looking in the artwork.

Art lovers across the world look for different exquisite paintings of varied forms so that they could have the feeling of satisfaction.

This is why I have come up with this blog. I am going to focus specifically on the Indian art aficionados here.

If you are Indian and looking to get a spiritual or religious artwork for your home, office, gifting or any other purpose, you are at correct place.

Out of so many Gods & Goddesses, there is one deity who holds high popularity among the art lovers in India. He has a head of elephant and body of a human.

Yes, I am talking about Ganesha.

Ganesha paintings are highly in demand in the nation. Artists from all sorts of genres ensure to draw some mesmerising paintings of Ganesha.

You can find purely traditional artist painting Ganesha, along with the contemporary and abstract artisans too.

Ganesha is known for wisdom, balanced-life, power, and intelligence.

There are numerous forms of Ganesha depicted in the paintings. Ganesha artwork holds its own significance when it comes to the cultural ambience.

Art lovers try to get their hands on the exquisite Ganesha paintings due to the explanatory meaning and piousness these artworks bring along.

Ganesha: The God of good luck

Anyone starting a new business, moving to a new home, purchasing a new car or even starting a job would understand why is Ganesha puja (worshipping) so important.

As per Hinduism, Ganesha brings good luck along with him. Worshiping Ganesha on the occasion of starting something new is always considered a good omen.

That is why a lot of shops, offices, restaurants, and homes have Ganesha artwork placed on their wall space (mainly at the entrance).

You can also bring Ganesha artwork and place it in your living room. This will spruce up the entire environment with piousness and spirituality.

After all home is the place you want to come and relax. What better than Ganesha painting to avail the relaxation and aura you are seeking?

Ganesha: The God of wisdom

Apart from being a good luck bringer, Ganesha is more.

If you have ever looked closely at a Ganesha painting, you would have noticed the big elephant head.

See, I do not know if the entire tale of Vinayaka getting beheaded and then being made alive using an elephant head is true or not. I do not require to believe in it.

As far as my understanding goes, the physical manifestation of Ganesha has much deeper meaning than what looks like.

For an instance, let’s take a look at his big head. What do you think it represents?

It’s not power, but something much powerful than that; wisdom.

The big head represents that the power of intelligence and wisdom is quite fierce. Hence, Ganesha is also known as the God of wisdom.

People also adorn their home spaces with splendid artworks of Ganesha because they believe it will offer an environment of wisdom comprehensively.

Ganesha: The God of concentration

The Ganesha paintings always depict a big head but quite small eyes. Why?

Small eyes of Ganesha reflects high concentration power. Ganesha’s manifestation of small eyes tell us that we should always keep a good focus on our goals and dreams.

You were searching for an artwork that could suitably match up and spruce up your kid’s room?

Get your hands on an extravagant Ganesha artwork and place it suitably on the wall space.

Children anyhow loves Ganesha.

Ganesha: The God of success

Ganesha is known to bring good omen to the new beginnings.  Along with this, I have personally seen a lot of big and small company owners having abstract or contemporary Ganesha artworks in their cabins.

Actually, Ganesha is considered to bring success to your endeavour. This is why it be small, medium or big corporation owners, everyone did not think twice before beautifying their cabins with the fascinating and strikingly beautiful artwork of Ganesha.

Ganesha, the ultimate success bringer offers you a positive attitude and a better outlook towards the world.

Ganesha: The God of travel

This one is backed up by an interesting story. Shiva was confused about who to provide the title of “God of travel” as there was a tiff between his sons.

So, Lord Shiva told his sons that “whosoever will first take a complete round of entire world and come back first to me will be the ultimate God of travel.”

All the other sons took the swiftest horses and other animals to take the round and come back first, not Ganesha.

He simply sat on a rat and took a round of Shiva and Parvati. He said “You two are my entire world”.

Seeing the intelligence and devotion, Ganesha was bestowed as the God of travel.

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