Find 5 Best Popular Facebook Video Downloaders for an Android Platform

To find a Facebook video downloader for an Android platform possesses to be a difficult challenge to confront. The reason being you have to analyse a lot of features. Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms where people love to spend a lot of time and even they might look to download videos. Statistics is of the opinion that Android users outnumber IOS users and for this reason most operating systems are designed on the Android platform. If you are a crazy Facebook user and love to download videos then you might have to be aware about the various video downloading tools. Below are mentioned some of the popular video downloading platforms and you can choose any one of them.

Download manager

On your Android phone or tablet this is one of the best apps to download videos. It is capable to detect links from the browser in an automatic manner and even there is no need to copy or paste it. On the positive fronts this applications generates queues as priority is applied to them. The important tasks are downloaded first and as per your needs you can adjust your priorities. Even it is possible to download the large files in chunks so that the speed of downloading is intact.

Advanced downloader manager

The users have rated this app at a higher scale with a well-organized interface and all file types can be downloaded on to your phone. With a multi thread technology it is designed that makes the process of downloading a lot quicker. With this application you can download multiple files at a fast speed.  The desired Facebook video is available on your phone in a matter of seconds.


By this app high definition videos are downloaded which means that you can obtain details of all your favourite videos. The app provides the user with an exciting downloading experience. The user interface works out to be simple meaning that any layman can operate the app. The downloading speed is a lot faster and easy allocation of files over the internet is possible as you can make it offline


In multiple video formats you can download videos. Even support to 4k resolution is provided and this is at a high speed. The only drawback that is reported is sudden crashes.


A mere search on any social engine about Vidmate download 2019 would point to the reasons of its popularity. The user interface is easy as it enables you to choose the file format and quality in an easy manner. The downloaded videos can be of higher resolution. Even the sources of download are secure so that no form of problem arises to your phone in terms of security. It is possible to secure all your personal videos with passcodes. From this app live steaming of videos is possible and in order to download this app you need an APK file. The best part is that there is no need for a Google account.

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