Do you face up to shortness of breath during the times of pregnancy?

Chances are on the higher that you may face up to shortness of breathe during pregnancy. This would mean that more oxygen is needed and your body has to adapt in various ways to achieve this. Respiratory disorders in pregnancy are common and you would need to take precautions before it gets out of control. The amount of breathe which you are taking rarely changes during the course of pregnancy but for sure the amount of air you inhale or exhale has a definite say at this point of time.

In the early part of pregnancy when you face shortness of breath it would be a situation where you would need to breathe all the more. Once you reach the fag end of pregnancy, the breathing going to in a process of labor as the uterus goes on to put pressure on the diaphragm. This is going to be the case if you are carrying multiples or have excess amount of amniotic fluid. In fact respiratory disorders during pregnancy can increase if you are suffering from existing pre condition like asthma.

A degree of relief is expected a few days before your due date and this would be the case if it happens to be your first pregnancy. This is at that point of time when the baby drops on to the pelvis. In fact some steps can be taken at your own end in order to reduce the shortness of breath

  • Do take things a bit easy and do not push yourself when you are in an active phase
  • Do sit up straight and keep the shoulders back. This is all the more so when sitting so as to provide the lungs with maximum amount of space when you breathe.
  • Do position yourself up with a few extra pillows when you are sleeping at night
  • As far as possible try to be patient. It is not that a rosy situation when you are short of breath during pregnancy. Once you have gone on to give birth things are going to return back to the normal self as well.

Now the question is would shortness of breath go on to pose any serious problem. This could be the case if you are prone to already any form of pre-existing condition. In nearly 30 % of women the symptoms of pregnancy tend to get worse once pregnancy approaches. If you have any respiratory issues then it does go on to be a major cause of concern as well. In case if you are pregnant it is suggested that you opt for a flu shot especially when it is the season of pregnancy.

Blood clots can enhance during the period of pregnancy.  It does go on to pose a major problem when it reaches out to the lungs as well. This works out to be a condition which is rare but calls for a degree of seriousness. You need to take precautions.

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