How to download songs from SoundCloud with your Android

One of the most widely used music playback applications worldwide is SoundCloud. In this it is possible to find new songs that were not known and that are very difficult to find if it is not with this development. We will tell you how to get them with a terminal with Android operating system. SoundCloud is an online audio platform that allows users to collaborate, promote, and distribute recorded conversations, songs, and mp3s made to the SoundCloud site.

SoundCloud was originally created in Stockholm, Sweden, but was officially founded in Berlin, Germany in August 2007 by music designer Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlfross. SoundCloud initially allowed musicians to share their songs with other users and then transformed into a tool to publish their full tracks.

A few months after SoundCloud was in operation, SoundCloud began to challenge MySpace’s dominance as a musician’s platform to share the songs of the singers and interact with fans. Based on this situation, you can get more plays on SoundCloud.

To achieve this, it is necessary to download a separate application called Peggo, which is completely free and which, in addition to being able to use it with SoundCloud, is also compatible with YouTube, but with this latest development we have verified that its operation is not as optimal (sometimes , is not able to download the sound track in question, and what is achieved is the full video).

The compatibility of Peggo, which can be obtained in this link (then we must proceed with the manual installation as explained here) is great and, we have purchased that in devices with Android 4.1 or higher operating system and 1 GB of RAM works The perfection. All this occurs without delays in its execution.

How Peggo is used with SoundCloud

The use of this development, which is not translated, is the simplest. In the central part of the screen there is a search box where you can enter the title of the song you want to find. Automatically, a list is offered with the coincidences in the music platforms that we have indicated before and, then, you simply have to click on the one you want to download.
Another way to find a song, for example on SoundCloud, is to copy and paste the address where the track you want to download is located. This is done in the same search box mentioned above and, the process is also automatic. As you can see, everything is very simple to do.

Peggo has configuration options, which are not very complex and where there are two sections that we think are important to know. The first is Download Location, which allows you to establish the folder in which the file is downloaded in MP3 format. The second section is Audio Quality, which offers the possibility of configuring this parameter (at lower quality, the file size is reduced).

Other tricks for the Google operating system can be found in this section of Android Help. There are options of all kinds, so sure you will find some useful.

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