Differentiating Facts Of Motorcycle And Bike Helmet

The selection of helmets is a very serious issue. When it comes to choosing your helmet you should be very cautious as you’re choosing your safety in a way through it. Choose your helmet wisely, the appropriate kind for a certain work. For a motorcycle rider, the rider himself or herself is a projectile, riding through obstacles and hitting solid objects, hence his safety must be ensured first. The helmets offer a range of protection.

From the material by which it is constructed, to brilliant workmanship, delivering the finest performance – there are both national and international standards that should be met while designing the helmet before it comes out in the market- for both bike helmets and motorcycle helmets. Coming in various shapes designs and colours the helmet protects the head from impact collisions.

How are motorcycle helmet and bike helmet different from each other?

Since any helmet is a life saving equipment to jeopardize the long lasting pain from bike or motorcycle accidents, it should invariably meet all the safety standards.

However, bike helmets are only required to meet the consumer product safety commission’s bicycle security standards according to the law. These are very light in weight have less padding and have some vents to eliminate the heat from overheated bikers. However, motorcycle helmets, according to laws in our country, the helmets worn by motor bikers require to meet not only CPSC standards but also the Department of Transportation standard. Usually heavier and have more durability than the bike helmets, the motorcycle helmets have a more comfortable and tighter fitting than the former.

They are very durable and provide heavy duty unlike the bike helmets, since they are designed to produce protection from the frequent potential severity of numerous motorcycle accidents, as the former outweigh the severity of bike accidents in every sense mostly. Yes, of course, bike accidents can be dreadful but motorcyclists in a motorcycle are always surrounded by danger since they always travel with a higher speed than the former and usually are encircled by other motorcycles too.

Why full face helmets are preferred?

In bike crashes or even motorcycle accidents research has found out the highest impact zone on the chin areas. Although it has become a common problem that while choosing and checking for motorcycle helmets, users are putting their choices for looks and comfort ability before the functionality and safety involved. Although obviously a full face helmet will bring more protection and coverage but you’re kept suspicious about the air flow and also the freedom of vision.

But the most important point to be highlighted is if you’re riding by putting on a half helmet then you’re with only 39 percent protection and the rest 61 percent will be added if you go for the full faced ones. But again if you’re smart enough to plan on crashes and been fined by the police you’re free to go out without any helmet or the novelty ones. In a way a full face helmet would save you from a full face reconstruction, if you encounter any unfortunate incidents. Go for SNELL certified helmets to be sure of the genuinely of the protection it offers as it has been through vigorous helmet testing.

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