Comparison of Mobile App Marketing with Social Media & Email Marketing

Will your business get benefits from mobile apps? This is a hot question taking rounds these days. Before consulting any Android app development company, it is must to know how the app can give benefits to your business than other marketing resources. The article is comparing mobile app marketing with social media and email marketing.

Social Media Vs. Mobile App Marketing

The craze of taking social media for business promotion is on rise these days. It is in fact a new medium for many businesses. But along with social media, marketing with mobile apps is also on rise. Social media is actually a platform for making chats, connection with people and keeping update with what’s going on in the world. So, when users are on social media, it is not that they are looking to make a purchase. But Mobile apps for businesses are actually meant to promote brands. These apps keep users updated with the latest products or services. People often make positive remarks on shopping through apps.

Email Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing

Email marketing has been practicing for a long time. The goal of the marketing is to keep people updated with deals and offers. Users who subscribe for a brand get updates of the company from time to time. But there is no guarantee that the subscribers will see the mail. In case, they open such mail, there is no guarantee that they go through the details. In the case of mobile apps, there is a “push notification” feature that keeps users updated with new offers effortlessly.

The comparison shows that the future of mobile app marketing is far bright. You can contact the best android apps development company to customize the app feature. Go online and synchronise your search by writing the country/state/city name like apps development in Gurgaon to get the service.

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