Choose B.Com for a Striking Career

B.Com stands for Bachelor in Commerce. It is a 3-year long term program providing by many reputed colleges in India. Though it is a simple graduation program, it has several hidden benefits you should know.

Let’s talk about the Career Benefits after B.Com

Excellent Marks for MBA

We all know that an MBA can be pursued by candidates of any stream, but the fact is that it is a favourite program of commerce graduates. MBA and B.Com both are related to the studies of the business world. MBA imparts a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of business concepts. Candidates with commerce background don’t face struggle to understand topics on MBA because of their five years strong commerce base. Thus, it increases the chance to perform well in the academic years. It is a hidden benefit that you cannot ignore.

Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary

In the field of commerce, both CA and CS are considered one of the best job opportunities. Many students take up B.Com admission to prepare for CA or CS. There is a high demand for CA and CS holders in MNCs, banks, auditing firms, mutual funds, broking firm, and many government organizations. They are appointed with excellent salary packages.

Become a Banker

After B.Com and MBA courses, you can start your career as a banker. Pursuing an MBA degree will be an added advantage for your banker career. Bankers are those who give their customers a wealth of services like assistance for initial banking, handling trusts, deposits, lines of credit and much more.

Legal Adviser or Pursue LLB

The B.Com degree makes you eligible to work as the assistance of a lawyer or work a legal adviser. If your interest in legal services, you can plan for the LLB course right after your B.Com.

Apply for Government Jobs

For B.Com graduates the government of India offers various job opportunities. They can apply for accounting related jobs. Moreover, banks, insurance agencies, railways, and various central government jobs are offered to them. These jobs incorporate eligibility exams which are necessary to qualify.

Start Own Business

Candidates from a family business background like to go for B.Com admission to enhance their skills in finance, taxes, and economics. Their knowledge comes as a perk for the family business. Moreover, those who want to start a business can also get admission to B.Com.

If your plan is to get Admission in a B.Com course, make sure the college is affiliated from a reputed university.

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