Can Mobile App Can Help Your Online Business?

There was a time if you had a television in the home, you were considered a celebrity. And then the mobiles. At first, it was meant for only high profile businessmen, but now it is in the hands of even a new born child although in a toy form.

The historic year was 2008, when the mobile revolution started. And it has moved to apps. In recent times, you rarely find online businesses without an app. But, what is the prime reason that all online companies favor an app? The answer is given below.

Let us imagine, you have started a company which specializes in handyman services in Bangalore two years ago. With hard work and perseverance by your team, you have built an able team of handyman in every place of Bangalore. Now, you feel the requirement of an app for your business.

But before hiring an app developer, ask your sales, financial and technical team these questions –

  • Do they consider app as the best option to reach the target audience?
  • How much budget will be required?
  • Should the app support multiple platforms?
  • Does designing the app make your customer base larger?
  1. Just Look At The Bigger E-Commerce Companies

There are some companies which always jump on the bandwagon according to the recent trends of technology. Their customer base and profits also double. For example, take Facebook, Amazon.

Use the recent trend such as apps to your advantage. And at present, you can definitely make your business become more popular with the app.

  1. Preparing the Future

The technology has moved from smart phones to mobiles and then to apps. Now the trend has started for smart watches, Google Glass and more. Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and having a mobile app may be the basic innovation for your business. You can then develop to more recent technologies as per the requirement.

  1. Innovation

After you design the app and release in the store, the work is not over. You need to add more features. Every addition is a new version. But you can add a new feature only when you know customer requirements. You will gain valuable data that can be used to generate more revenue than designing new versions for your apps.

  1. Brand Image

You start a business. You make it popular. Now the next step is to change it to a brand. With a mobile app, you are following the recent trend. For millions of smart phone users, a mobile app is mandatory.

  1. Boosting Your Traffic

The app stores of companies such as Apple and Google Play is visited by millions every day. IF you have done proper optimization for your app, then a portion of the traffic will become routed to the website.

You need to hire an experienced writer for placing the perfect keywords to get more potential exposure.

  1. Requirements of Customers

While you have to obtain valuable data to design the app, you can also get good results after designing the app. You can get to know the most searched regions, customer requirements, app performance etc.

This data can be used to design business opportunities, improvements in products to meet business needs.

  1. Destination of Customers

It is estimated that in this year 2018, there will be more than 2.5 billion users of smart phone mobiles. So why miss this abundant population?

  1. More Value

In an app, you can highlight the most prominent aspect of your service or product.

  1. Customer Engagement

It is estimated that more than 50 percent of the world population start their day by using apps. If your app becomes popular, your business will grow even faster.

  1. International Presence

There was a time, when a website meant the internet representative of your business. Now with many of the online businesses becoming mobile responsive, the app becomes aninternet representative of your company. When the customers use other apps, they will pass through your app. This particular option will help your business grow.

  1. Increase the customer base

More number of downloads. Your business will spread by word-of-mouth. The customers will recommend your company to their friend and relative circles.


To sustain in the market, a business should always be in co-ordination with the recent technology trend. And if it is an app, your company is going to design, and then your company will grow faster in the specific business sector.

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