Best Brands to Buy Legit and High-Quality Dianabol Pills

Dianabol pills became extremely popular when some of the popular athletes like baseball and football players and bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed using it. It was primarily invented to enhance the performance of the athletes to outshine the opponents. The US Olympics team used it to overcome Russian team who were also using steroids for performance enhancement. Later, bodybuilders started to use it not only to perform better but also to increase muscle mass in the bulking cycle. We have provided a list of Dianabol tablet brands that are popular and trusted to get quality Dianabol pills for a better result in the expected time frame.

Top 5 Legit Brands Selling Dianabol Tablets

Dianabol is available in the market in various forms like pills, injections, and even sprays. There are high chances of diluting sprays and injections and hence, Dianabol tablets are the best options. The following are the best Dianabol tablet brands you can watch out.

Anabol – it is a popular brand that has Dianabol tablets of dosage 5mg, 10mg, and 15mg. It is a British brand and in one bottle, you get 100 tablets. The company recommended dosages of 25-50mg per day which means you have to take multiple tablets in a day depending on its half-life so that they stay in the body in adequate amount all the time. As for side effects, the company mentions gynecomastia and acne as potential risks.

Danabol DS – It is an Eastern European brand and they distribute Dianabol tablets in countries like Russia, Ukraine, and other European countries. Dianabol 10mg tablets come in a foil strip and there are 60 pills on each. The ones available in bottles have 100 tablets and they have the lowest price. If you are ordering online, get a proper review of the site and the suppliers.

Metaboline – It is a popular brand name for Dianabol tablets in France. You can import the product in your country by ordering it online. Be sure to get a proper review of the site on the internet before ordering. They sell 10mg Dianabol pills and hence, you can take two per day to be on the safe side and get the expected results.

Melic – Melic is one brand whose products have been faked and sold online. It is better to buy it from offline stores. Another problem is that there is another product with the same name and that product is not arthritis. Therefore, buy the product with proper inquiry so that you can get the right product. You should watch out for the label “Melic P” and the pills come in pink color with pentagonal shapes.

Methandrostenolone – It is a Russian brand and Russian steroids are highly effective and of top quality. The product is distributed by Akrikhin and they are available in 5mg tablet form. They are available in foil strip forms as well as in box and bottles. It is definitely one of the most preferred brands by Russian bodybuilders and weightlifters and hence, it is slightly on the higher side of pricing.

You can choose any brand from this list of Dianabol tablets brands and make sure you are buying from authentic suppliers to get the genuine product and best result.

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