How Applicant Tracking System Turn You Into a Smart Recruiting Agency?

How Applicant Tracking System Turn You Into a Smart Recruiting Agency?

You have so many different type of tasks to complete when you run or handle a recruitment agency. There are so many things that you need to maintain, but have you ever wondered what the secret to stay on is and being amazing?

Well to start off a great business what you need essentially is the right applicant tracking system installed at your recruiting agency. It will help you to stay miles ahead of the competition and even helps to stay more organized. Here is a few reasons why the applicant tracking systems are considered as one of the best resources to help recruiters turn smarter.

  1. The whole world is running on the wheel of technology, so ATS is a must welcome

We are dealing with a number of job seekers who loves being on the digital world at least 24 hours. Whether they are searching for a job or applying for the same, they like to do things online. For them the applicant tracking systems help to raise the online presence of your agency and help you to link to a number of social media sites and gives the ability to quickly share new job ads with very little effort.

  1. You get to store all candidates information at one place

When you have to deal with a number of candidates, remember what each person said during the interview process and if you are going to take up random notes on the side of a CV it can take ages to find among the other paperwork which you have hide in a drawer some days back. But with the help of an applicant tracking system you can get tons of notes against a candidate and I will be visible to all team members.

  1. Sharing the information of a candidates is damn easy with an ATS

As all the information of a particular candidate in stored in a single location, so all your team member handling the ATS is able to see all the actions and notes and it stops you from racking your brain to remember all the information at a time.

  1. It cuts largely on your time

As we said, that you can link a number of social media accounts to your applicant tracking system, so you do not need to log in to the sites every day to make your job posts or check the accounts. You won’t get distracted by the images and status messages of your friends and waste your time. An ATS does the most hard work for you – it trawls through the records and brings you potential matches every time and creates new job post based on you said. This saves your time and will help to find out the right candidates from the hundreds of CV. It saves your time and gives more time for business development.

  1. Help to speed up your recruitment process

It is easy to slip or miss if you have a lot of jobs, candidates, clients and paper work to handle. If you take down running notes on all of them, it becomes almost impossible at times to keep a track on all of them. If you take those concise notes and add them straight to email calendar, then that thing will be of real help. This can make a lot of difference as well. This ability of applicant tracking system makes you look more organized before your client and candidates and you will repeat business and spread faster word-of-mouth.

These are those good and great features of applicant tracking systems that makes your recruitment agency bettereveryday – so are you having one at your organization?

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