Alternative Treatments for Cancerous tumours

There are alternative surgeries in India that are safe and aids faster recover. They come with minimum side effects that include nausea and fatigues but are effective in treating the condition. On the other hand, these side effects are usually mild and temporary.

As with any radiation treatment or Cyberknife treatment in India is performed without an incision.  It is different from the traditional sense of using scissors and knives used to treat tumors, vascular malformations and many other abnormalities in the brain. Gamma Knife radio surgery, like other forms of stereotactic radio surgeries, is also used in the treatment of conditions related to tumors causing breast cancers.

These surgeries are accurate and are being promoted by hospitals and clinics. Although expensive cyber knife machines have been saviors on various cancers, including lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and, prostate cancer.

Increasing number of cancer patients today has found hope in CyberKnife Robotic-assisted Radio surgeries. This is mainly because a robotic radiation therapy that sounds like surgery isn’t one. Patients with localized prostate cancer or recurring prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy can also use alternative treatment as a ray of hope.

Here are some advantages of this cyberknife surgery:

Surgery after radiation therapies:

Patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer or with facing recurrent prostate cancer generally believe that if they have been taking radiation therapy then they should abstain from surgeries. Fortunately, prostate surgeries after radiation can now be performed safely with these robotic techniques. Doctors with a team of experts have performed thousands of robotic surgeries and have been successful in them.

Better Cure:

Cyberknife treatment in India works with the basics of biology called the alpha/beta ratio of prostate cancer. This works based on the discovery that prostate cancer has a very low alpha/beta ratio. This groundbreaking research in the decade has helped find a cure with an understanding of the radiobiology of prostate cancer.  Samples of patients with low, intermediate, and even high-risk prostate cancer provided the evidence that they had low alpha/beta ratios of prostate cancer.  This Cyberknife has been working on this basic principle delivering better cure rates with fewer side effects.


Implementing advanced technology and in equipment selection by hospital administrators have taken cancer treatment to the next level. Cyberknife may be a little expensive than ordinary machines but is worth every bit the sound investment.  This is the only machine solely dedicated to stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy costing 25-30% less than ordinary IMRT machines by reducing the duration of treatment for prostate cancer.  This is productive enough to hospital administrators who look at investment after researching well and pick the best one.

If you look at national registries you will be able to see thousands of prostate cancer patients who have been followed upon having the same results.  So experts monitor these results and compare with those at other centers of excellence.

Patients are often confused with myths passed on by urologists and other radiation oncologists. Even though,  they claim that CyberKnife is new and experimental, at the same time there are numerous other physicians who have rapidly embraced cyber knife results in comparison to IMRT that comes with only 5-year results.


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