5 Reasons to visit Bhopal

If the plan is to visit a city in the beautiful and diverse country of India, then this time, it has to be Bhopal. There are several reasons to visit this city, five of which are given below.

Reasons to choose Bhopal for the trip

  • It is the largest and the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This city is developing slowly and is popular for its rich culture and arts. There are several tourist attractions and places of interest here that does compel tourists to come here often and spend their precious time with the locals, checking out the different places. They can also find luxury resorts in Bhopal that charge very reasonably and can make the trip a mesmerizing experience.
  • The city is considered to be a quintessential small sleepy Indian town boasting of narrow gullies, beautiful artificial lakes and historical monuments.
  • Once this city was part of Ujjain, Raja Bhoj, the legendary king’s ancient capital city. However, it was Dost Mohammed Khan, the Afghan mercenary, who had rebuilt the modern city during the early part of the 18th The Islamic rulers are said to have left their mark and culture on this city that can be witnessed from those several mosques built during their reign. The country’s largest mosque is the Taj-ul-Masjid, which is a wonderful reminder of the Islamic culture of the city.
  • Bhopal is also well known for its cuisine, due to its unique flavour and taste. One should have the iconic betel leaf ‘paan’ of this city, which can be found in different varieties. The city’s old part is considered to be among the most attractive one for the tourists due to its local market offering popular embroidery work. The other tourist attractions located here include the Lower Lake and the Upper Lake, Van Vihar and Bhimbetka. It is the city’s ancient culture and the huge lake that form its main attraction for drawing tourists from the world over. The Upper Lake has been considered to be among the city’s landmarks and a real jewel in Bhopal tourism’s crown. It is a serene and huge artificial lake that has been created by the famous Raja Bhoj. It has become a popular picnic spot for the tourists and locals alike. This lake does offer numerous leisure activities to be undertaken by people of all ages, which includes horse riding and boating. The Lower Lake is located adjacent to it and has been created during the reign of the Mughals. It is also a famous picnic spot.
  • The Van Vihar is a must visit for those who favour nature. It is actually a wildlife sanctuary created on the Upper Lake banks. Also is present the Bhimbetka, considered to be a popular World Heritage Site. It boasts of having cave paintings and prehistoric rocks. One can travel to Sanchi, the world popular Buddhist pilgrimage and to a hill station named Panchmarhi.

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