2,750 Candidates Receives Invitation to Apply In Latest Express Entry Draw

Yesterday on 6th December, another express entry draw took place where 2,750 candidates received Invitation to Apply (ITA). This time the cut off score was set to 452 which is slightly over the last few draws where the scores were set in 430s window. This was 29th draw of 2017 and till now, IRCC has issued total 83,273 ITAs so far. This is the highest number of ITAs issued since its inception in 2015.

In this draw, it used tie-break procedure that was introduced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) earlier in June. The tie break process allow only those candidates who have 452 CRS score to enter the Express Entry pool prior to 16th November at 04:20:20 UTC. The slightly higher cut off score was set due to time gap since last draw of 15th November. In the month of November 2017, IRCC conducted four draws in three weeks.

This score was one of the exceptional score range for this year as usually in 2017, most cut-offs were set to 430s. There were very few times when cut-off score went till as high as 450s. However, in 2018, Canada Government is set to target more ITA issues through express entry in the three economic immigration classes. Also, it is expected that CRS score cut-off will continue to drop in 2018. IRCC is expected to arrange more frequent draws or larger draws in the coming year which will ultimately low the cut-off score.

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